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Bed Bug History

bed bug history

Where did bed bugs come from?

It has been written in history that bed bugs have appeared as early at ancient Greece in 400 BC as well as 13th Century France all the way to 1500-1600 in England.

Since then bed bugs have started re-emerging across the world from the early 1700’s in America to the 1990’s when they really started to get noticed. In 1995 there were reports from London stating that there were bed bugs appearing in a lot of five star hotels and homes and that each year the infestations were doubling.

You may start to think how did all these bed bugs just miraculously start appearing all over the world?

The simple answer is international travel, from ships to planes, bed bugs are known to be carried on luggage and clothes which make it easy for them to travel unnoticed.

Another main reason for the increase in bed bugs, are the sales of 2nd hand furniture through market and garage sales. Bed bugs are translucent and very small making it very difficult for someone to spot them; this is why it has been so easy for them to spread rapidly across the years.

Bed bugs have been around for thousands of years and have an extensive history including almost being completely eradicated. But bed bugs have made a rapid comeback not only in the Blue Mountains but across Australia and throughout the world.

For complete eradication of bed bugs people need to become more aware so that the appropriate actions and prevention can be taken to thoroughly understand the bed bug biology.

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Bed Bug History
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